Fluid dynamics: taking the p***

I’m grateful to Dr Phil Knight for passing on the following piece of unconventional research (he says “I saw this and thought of you”). Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have investigated the puzzling question of why different mammals, ranging from mice to elephants, seem to take very similar lengths of time to empty their bladders. Their preprint is available on the arXiv; for full details including the mathematical analysis, you’ll have to refer to the accompanying video, under “ancillary files”. It boils down to Bernoulli’s theorem plus a nice little scaling argument.

Strathclyders will recall that Georgia Tech’s Vertically Integrated Projects programme is one of the main inspirations for our own VIP scheme. Sadly, I can’t find any indication of whether Georgia’s micturation research was carried out under their VIP programme, or indeed whether it will be replicated here…


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One Response to Fluid dynamics: taking the p***

  1. Richard says:

    One presumes that you are not being coy with your use of ***. Rather I imagne that you are dodging the tricky issue of whether or not to use the Scots (sh) or English (ss) rendering of the word.

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