Link for the week: effective revision

Not a specifically mathematical link this week, but one that might be of interest as exam season starts looming over the horizon… Here’s a post from the Neurobonkers blog looking at techniques for improving learning (actually, I’d say that most of them were more like techniques for improving revision) and the evidence for which of them do and don’t work. In turn, the blog post is a summary of a recent research monograph by John Dunlosky et al., published earlier this year, which gives a really thorough overview of the state of educational research on these topics.

The summary of the summary of the summary: traditional revision techniques like re-reading and highlighting your notes are surprisingly useless, even if you know all sorts of cute tricks for memorising things effectively. Instead, you should use techniques — in particular, self-testing — which really force you to engage with the material. Maybe it’s not surprising when put like that, but it’s worth knowing…


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