Maths in the British Science Festival

The annual British Science Festival will be taking place this year in Aberdeen, from 4–9 September. The Edinburgh Mathematical Society, who are among the sponsors, have picked out a few mathematically-themed events which might be of particular interest to our readers.

Wednesday 5 September, 13:00-15:00. Fishy Figure, organized by Malcolm Hall, Royal Statistical Society, Highlands Local Group. Research and advice relevant to the marine environment.

Friday 7 September 15:30-16:30 (followed by a wine reception 16:30-17:30 sponsored by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society). Expanding Minds and Universes: Presidential Lecture by John Barrow. How Einstein made it possible for cosmologists to study whole universes.

Saturday 8 September 10:00-12:00. How to Solve Crimes with Mathematics, Marco Thiel (Physics Department, University of Aberdeen). A presentation, experiments, finger print recognition software, potentially face recognition, pursuit and evasion patterns etc.

Saturday 8 September 15:00-17:00. In Tune with Mathematics, Kevin Houston, Rob Sturman and Ben Sparks. Auto-Tune, spectral analysis of the opening chord of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, the mathematics of musical tunings and more.

Sunday 9 September 15:30-17:30. Turing: the human vs the machine, Robin Whitty and Bob Lockhart. Alan Turing invites you to speed date … with a computer!

Sunday 9 September 18:00-20:00. The Maths and Computing Magic Show, Peter McOwan and Matt Parker. Magic tricks, maths, computing, enquiry based learing, entertainment and fun.


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