A brief hiatus and some more holiday reading

DoF will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks while the editorial team enjoy their two-week break from teaching. Updates will resume on Monday 16 April. In the mean time, here’s another little budget of maths-related articles and oddities to keep you all happy…

An article titled “A Mile or Two off Yarmouth” on Adam Curtis’s BBC blog, which (just about) ties together British politics, mathematical economics, cosmology and low-budget horror movies.

An interesting online discussion of the question “What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics?”

A blog post that provides some maths-specific answers to the question “why can’t we do all our studying online?”

A piece about “mathematical embarrassments”, i.e. problems that seem as if they should have been solved already (but haven’t).

And finally, an article from CNN about a US copyright lawsuit involving two composers, a Youtube video and the number \pi

Have a good spring break!


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