A museum of mathematics?

Here’s a thought. Many major cities these days have a science museum or “exploratory” of some kind, like Glasgow’s own Science Centre or Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth. Why not a museum devoted to mathematics?

Recently there’s been a project launched in London to set up just such a museum: on their website you can find information about what they hope to achieve and how much progress they’re making towards it. Across the Atlantic there’s a similar scheme, based in New York, which seems to be rather closer to completion. I’m not aware of any such museums that currently exist, though of course there are maths-related exhibits in many museums (e.g. at the London Science Museum; or my favourite, Galileo’s middle finger which sits, permanently raised, in a jar in the History of Science museum in Florence). Does anybody reading this know of one? if so, please share!


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2 Responses to A museum of mathematics?

  1. Yes, me. I am the curator of a big math exhibition in Berlin. “Mathema – Is mathematics the laguage of nature?”. There is one other exhibiton in Germany, it’s even a museum. “Mathematikum” in Gießen made by Albrecht Beutelspacher.
    I am just working on a permanent exhibition about math an computer science in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. We have about 2000 m”.

    Hadwig Dorsch
    Director of the Department
    Mathematics, Computer Science
    and Automation TEchnology
    Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin
    Trebbiner Str. 9
    10963 Berlin

  2. strathmaths says:

    That’s great to hear about — thank you for letting us know! I’ll be sure to pay the Deutsches Technikmuseum a visit next time I’m in Berlin… (I’ve also had a look at the Mathematikum website and it looks pretty cool too.)

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