Lecture: wind power or hot air?

The Faculty of Engineering is hosting a lecture this Wednesday (23 November) by Prof. David Mackay. The title is “2050 Pathways: Energy Arithmetic for the UK and for the World”, and it’s the inaugural James Blyth* Lecture. Further details and a registration form can be found here.

Even if you can’t make it to the lecture, I recommend spending some time poking around Professor Mackay’s website, and in particular the web version of his book Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air, which is a valuable and fascinating look at the energy debate from a numerate perspective.


* According to Wikipedia — i.e. believe this if you like — James Blyth attempted to introduce one of the world’s first wind turbines to provide power to his home town of Marykirk, but was prevented by locals who believed electricity was the work of the Devil. He later installed one on the Montrose Lunatic Asylum, where the Devil was presumably less of a concern.

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